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Complete Guide of the G-Spot

Everything You Should Know About The World’s Most Craved Mystery – The G-Spot

You probably never wondered this, because you’re more worried about finding it, but it’s actually named after a German gynecologist named Ernst Grafenberg. Supposedly he was the first person to “discover” it.

Your favorite pleasure sponge is also the most sacred spot in tantric sex. It is believed to be a woman’s emotional and sexual center. Just had to bring emotions into this, didn’t we?

Calling is a spot it a serious disservice to an area that deserves good servicing. It’s actually an entire zone or area found within the vagina that is extremely sensitive to touch and linked to more powerful orgasms.

According to science (not any science I ever got to study) this pleasure center is located on the front wall of the vagina, approximately two inches deep. Finding the exact location can take some experimentation and exploration. Pack a rain coat.

When stimulated the area will increase in size, sometimes dramatically. However, when “at rest” if you will, it can be as small as the size of a pea.

There is actually a theory among sex scientist and booty biologist (I made those titles up) that the G-Spot is actually a female version of the man’s prostate.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phenomenon of women having somewhat more “explosive” ejaculations. It’s believed these are cause by stimulation of the g-spot through the “skene’s glands”. You’ll have to look that up, this is a family site.

As much as 84% of women believe that this highly sensitive area actually exists. Also, as much as 16% of women are very unhappy.

At times her pleasure dome may feel exactly like a walnut.


Even if you manage to master your lady map and make your way with ease, you may not always get the same reaction. Different women can actually feel very different things when stimulated in this area. While some report intense orgasms, other women will feel an overwhelming need to pee.

Your answer to two of life’s great mysteries may come at once if you’re doing things right. Massaging the G-Spot is also the easiest way to give a woman multiple orgasms.

Unfortunately, if you’ve studied and been diligent and still can’t find this pleasure switch, it could be because your lady friend simply doesn’t feel it. Our bodies are all different and apparently, some poor unfortunate souls simply can’t feel the effects.

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